Short Stories


Death of a Mudlark (in Sherlock Holmes: The Sign of Seven)

Sherlock Holmes lives on in this extraordinary collection of brand-new novellas. Marvel as the master detective scours London’s sewers to expose the killer of a mudlark…

The Shape of Things (in Ms Wildthyme and Friends Investigate)

When Edward Malone discovers a peculiar yellow bottle on the banks of an ancient South American river, it takes the combined efforts of Professor Challenger, the Manleigh Halt Irregulars and Señor 105 to keep the contents safely under wraps. And that’s before Ms Iris Wildthyme sticks her nose in…

Selected Short Stories

“The Adventure of the Locked Carriage” in Encounters of Sherlock Holmes.

A young woman is found dead in a train carriage of which she is the sole occupant and which has not stopped since she boarded. With only a missing glove to go on, Holmes suspects murder although everyone else believes it the death to be a natural one.

“The Pilot Fish” in Further Associates of Sherlock Holmes.

A young Sherlock Holmes, in the days before meeting Dr Watson, keeps a diary, in which he recounts what follows upon a street urchin breaking into his home and leaving behind his tattered jacket.

“The Adventure of the Spiritualist Detective”  in A Detective’s Life.

Holmes and Watson are called in to investigate a ghostly presence in the home of a well known spiritualist. Though they have not been friends for long, Watson is convinced Holmes will quickly debunk the woman’s claims. So what to think when Holmes declares the home to be genuinely haunted and runs away in apparent terror…

“Zenith’s End” in Zenith Lives.

The eternal Zenith the albino, weary and sick believes the world of 1970s Britain has left the likes of him behind. Unwilling to accept this, he determines to commit one final great crime.

“The 262“ in PROBE: Out of the Shadows

When several young people are found dead in Manchester, their hearts removed but with no sign of any operation having taken place, secret government agency PROBE are sent to investigate.