Stuart Douglas

Stuart Douglas


Death at the Dress Rehearsal


On the set of a 1970s ITV sitcom, an elderly actor stumbles across the body of a young woman, seemingly drowned in the reservoir. Convinced she has been murdered, he...

Sherlock Holmes and the Crusader's Curse

The Crusader's Curse


Holmes and Watson find themselves dropped into a classic English country house mystery.

Sherlock Holmes and the Improbable Prisoner

The Improbable Prisoner


Sherlock must battle to save his old friend Watson from the hangman's noose.

Sherlock Holmes and the Counterfeit Detective

The Counterfeit Detective


Receiving a telegram from America warning him of an imposter using his name and reputation, Holmes heads for New York, a city entirely outside his comfort zone...

The Albino's Treasure


When two evil criminal masterminds clash in the streets of London, Holmes and Watson must step into action. Crossing from the dangerous back alleys of Limehouse to the most prestigious...