“Sherlock Holmes and the Albino’s Treasure”

“Douglas replicates Conan Doyle s style down to a tee.” – Crime Fiction Lover

“How this can be a first book is genuinely hard to fathom, it’s that good!” – Amazon Review

” Readers looking for a high-quality new adventure with Conan Doyle’s beloved characters should be satisfied.” – Publisher’s Weekly

“This is way above the average Sherlock revival – it’s another from Titan’s money-spinning Further Adventures series and probably the best so far. In fact it’s so good that at times it’s quite difficult to tell where Stuart Douglas leaves off and the shadow of Conan Doyle takes over it’s so true to style, plot and language!” – Crime Review

‘The Adventure of the Locked Carriage’

“My favourite stories in this collection were The Adventure of the Locked Carriage by Stuart Douglas and The Property of a Thief by Mark Wright. The former in particular captured the tone and style of Arthur Conan Doyle to the extent that it was barely distinguishable.” – www.bookinginheels.com

“Other fine stories, such as Adventure of the Locked Carriage by Stuart Douglas, are reminiscent of the original brilliance that Conan Doyle gave us more than a century ago.” – Publishers’ Weekly

The Adventure of the Locked Carriage by Stuart Douglas—who is apparently the proprietor of a bookstore and really ought to be writing pastiches for a living so that I can read more of them—presents as pitch-perfect a Watsonian style and loving attention to character as I could ask for in a short story.” – http://www.criminalelement.com

 “The Adventure of the Locked Carriage by Stuart Douglas is the cleverest mystery by far … Great story.” – Matt Creswell, http://mcresswell.wordpress.com

“My favourites out of the entire collection were ‘The Loss of Chapter 21’ by Mark Hodder, ‘The Post-Modern Prometheus’ by Nick Kyme and ‘The Adventure of the Locked Carriage’ by Stuart Douglas” – www.curiosityofasocialmisfit.blogspot.co.uk

“Stories by Mags L Halliday, Stuart Douglas, and Steve Lockley also stood out as good mysteries that were written skillfully.” – http://www.my-sf.com

‘Have To’

“Among the standouts here are Just A Fox by Mark Wright and Have To by Stuart Douglas…both emotionally strong pieces.” – Black Abyss

“more than one story is surprisingly moving (Stuart Douglas’, most disturbingly).” – A Pile of Leaves

‘First Meetings’

“Besides just being damned clever, this story is poignant and moving, and strangely haunting. Actually, forget “possibly” the best story; this certainly is the best story in the book.” – JD Burton, www.gallifreybase.com

‘Zenith’s End

“The story that stands out by far is the editors, Stuart Douglas’. He paints a picture of Zenith in the Seventies, wondering whether he really has lost the knack for danger.” – Ian O’Reilly, Britush Fantasy Society

‘Moon Eyes’

“Particular favourites include…another outing for the Manleigh Halt Irregulars by Stuart Douglas…which take[s] the protagonists into thought-provoking philosophical realms” – Immaterial blog


Iris Wildthyme & the Celestial Omnibus

Iris Wildthyme and the Celestial Omnibus is a joyous technicolour party of a book that’ll bring plenty of sunshine, and not a little gin, into your life.” –  Jon Arnold, Shooty Dog Thing , volume 10

A Romance in Twelve Parts

“sets my expectations of what I want from anthologies almost impossibly high” – Richard Wright’s Top 5 Books of 2012

 “quite simply the most accomplished Who-related book I have read in years’ – Enlightenment magazine

Wildthyme in Purple

my favorite of the Obverse Iris books so far… of a particularly high quality and consistency”- JD Burton, www.gallifreybase.com

Zenith Lives!

“If anything, the biggest obstacle to reading this book was the way it sent me off, excitedly, again and again, to read more….the book has to be considered a great success” – Theaker’s Quarterly